Non Permit Holders are considered trespassing

Retreat Island Rules and Cautions


1. Drugs/Cigarettes/Alcohol Retreat Island is a Drug & Illegal Substance Free Island. It is preferred that tobacco products not be consumed at Retreat Island but if you must smoke, dispose of cigarette butts in a container of sand and take the container with you. While alcohol is allowed for those 21 or older on the Island, you agree to drink responsibly, as being intoxicated near a body of water is dangerous and can be life threatening.

2. Use of the Island Utilize the Island at your own risk. Never eat anything found in nature on the Island and do not drink the water found in, on or around the Island.

3. Buddy System, Minors & Pets Use a buddy system due to the risks and danger of using the Island alone. Minors and pets must always be accompanied by Adults and may not be left alone on the Island.

4. Permit Use Carry the Retreat Island Permit while using the Island. Show your laminated permit to anyone who requests proof of permit whether law enforcement or civilian.

5. Camp Fire Safety Camp fires are welcome in the existing fire pit on Retreat Island. Never leave a fire unattended. Completely extinguish all fires before leaving. If your fire escapes the pit you are responsible for any costs associated with fighting the fire, and loss and/or damage caused by the fire.

6. Carry Out Trash & Recycle Leave no trace of yourself on the Island so others may enjoy it.

7. Do Not Harm the Island Do not harm any living thing on the Island including trees (do not cut for firewood) mosses, plants, living organisms or creatures. Bring a fire log with you.

8. No Firearms No hunting or fire arms are allowed on the Island at any time without permission from the Owner.

9. Lost or Stolen Items Retreat Island Owners are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

10. Medical Treatment The owners of Retreat Island are not responsible for providing any form of Medical Treatment. Please bring your own medically related necessities and it is encouraged that you keep a first aid kit on hand at all times.